Everyone needs compassion

Everyone needs compassion  C G
Love that’s never failing   e
Let mercy fall on me  D C
Everyone needs foregiveness  C G
The kindness of a Savior     e
The hope of nations.  D C/ D

Savior- He can move the mountains  G D
My God is mighty to save    e
He is mighty to save.   D C
Forever Author of salvation  G D
He rose and conquered the grave    e
Jesus conquered the grave. D C

So take me as You find me C G
All my fears and failures   e
Fill my life again   D C
I give my life to follow,  C G
everything I believe in  e
Now, I surrender, I surrender…   D C

Shine Your light and let the whole world see – we’re singing.  C G D e
For the glory of the risen King – Jesus!  C G D e